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165 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH 03301

Uno's Car Wash - Concord, NH - Picture of BMI 328i on Detailing Page


It seems that many of us live in our cars today. We travel longer distances to and from work. We conduct business in our cars. We eat meals in our cars. Our kids even watch TV in our cars. It's no wonder that the interior of our cars take a beating and get messy. But who has the time to clean their car's interior? The staff at Uno's does because we’re open 7 days a week!

Are detailing services are second to none.  We clean your vehicle at your convenience and at a reasonable price.  No appointment is needed. Your car is cleaned while you wait. And, all detailing services include an exterior wash in Uno's automatic "clean wheels" car wash.

The staff at Uno’s has seen it all and our repeat customers number in the thousands because they know where to come for clean! Yes, they do know!!

Interior Express

Carpet Express

"Interior Express" PLUS a deep cleaning of carpets and mats that dries fast and leaves a pleasant scent in your vehicle.

Express Polish

Triple Express

All three Express services for that "new car" look inside and out.

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