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165 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH 03301


Weather here is wicked horrible and makes it tough to clean cars to our standards.  But at Uno’s, for the price of a drink, we give you a team of people doing their best to do one thing - clean your vehicle the best they can.

Here at Uno’s everyone is treated fairly, including our employees.  No one here works at a dead end job.  We start our pay scale above minimum wage, and many employees earn double that.  We all need to live.  And if we don’t clean your car well the first time, we will gladly rewash your vehicle as many times as needed to get your car spotless.  My commitment is to keep you as a satisfied Uno’s customer.  No stories and no baloney!

We are open seven days a week and no appointment is necessary.  Let the professionals at Uno’s "TOUCH" your car to clean it.  Honest folks, just shower without touching yourself - yuk yuk yuk!

If your vehicle isn't touched, it is just wet - dirty, but wet and looks clean only for 30 minutes, then the car screams at you, " HELP! HÈLP!  YOU SPENT ALL that MONEY, AND  I STILL AM THAT SAME DIRTY CAR.  I WANNA BE "UNO'S CLEAN!” Honest, I’ll love you back forever! Cleanliness is next to...........!

When your car first enters the automatic car wash, each wheel is sprayed with an Uno's developed liquid wheel cleaner at no extra cost. Uno's wheel cleaner was designed to break up the hardened crust on your tires, which can be difficult to get off. The crust is a result of "break dust" that is caused from normal use of your car's disc breaks.

There is no other car wash in the area that can clean your car better than Uno's.
Bring your car in today!

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